Casa para 3 is a lighting project for the house of an architect and an artist, located in the core of a narrow neighborhood of Barcelona.
Project made with Federico Berdún, architect and client.

On the backside of the house the clients have a garden organized on a thin long patio. The construction of the surrounding, made by manufactured bricks, became the canvas for the intervention. Like a pattern of missing bricks, the random distribution of the lights adds movement to the massive static walls. The brick becomes light and we call it " Another brick in the wall"...

Another brick in the wall is made in corten steel + Pmma diffuser

Another brick in the wall

Little windows of light communicate the exterior with the interior of the bathroom. Like a rear window, the clients were looking for experiences with the boundaries of light. Beware of curios friends! 

Casa para 3 © 2015 roc'n'rob / photos: © Pol Viladoms